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Make It Personal

When you choose a colour scheme that’s greatly praised in Good Housekeeping or buy a Victorian-inspired dresser, simply because it’s “classy”, you achieve creating a home that just looks good, but lacks personality. Your home should speak volumes about its owner, whether within the colors, the furniture, or the decor. Let your interests, talents, and hobbies grace your walls. Let your home be your own personal gallery .

Less Is More

Don’t assume that going all out will give your home the additional jazz you seek. Sometimes, minimalistic furnishing and an excellent colour scheme are all you would like to form an area wake up . Don’t overcrowd the room; it’ll make it look smaller and gloomier.

Keep It Comfy

With leading edge design being the newest fad in home decor, you’ll be much tempted to style your home that way. But confine mind that after a tough day’s work, when all you would like to try to to is crawl into an enormous quaint armchair, coming home to a house that appears just like the inside an area shuttle isn’t such an excellent idea.

Antiques Are In

Add an old-worldly charm to your home with antique pieces of furniture – could also be your great grandmother’s ‘almirah’ or acute four-poster bed in your room. Antiques are comforting, they add warmth, and are ever a la mode – you can’t fail with them.

Go Desi

Indian fabrics, prints, and handicrafts are an excellent thanks to add character to your home. they carry slightly of village artistry and rustic charm to remind you of all those summers you spent at your Dadi’s house


Want to revamp your home but have a limited budget? There are many sites online offering DIY videos and step-by-step guides for home décor projects, right from painting your walls to making a starburst mirror.